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Van Badham’s laugh-out-loud play "tangos comfortably with the politics of pick-up artists and feminism without being didactic." (The Guardian on Sydney Opera House Studio production).   


In an era where toxic masculinity goes head-to-head with wised-up feminism, what happens when both sides need and want - yes want - the other?


Van Badham’s  comedy of modern manners lays bare this ancient dilemma. Rich businessman Jake runs a podcast, teaching his misogynist seduction ‘game’ to hapless males who are having no luck with women. Ishy, a feminist academic, has had her career destroyed by internet trolls – like Jake. So far, so good for the ruthless Jake – until he falls for no-nonsense Danish librarian Anne who is immune to his dodgy charms. Who can possibly help him inhabit her feminist mind and win her over? Well - Ishy can... But at what price can he buy her integrity? And does he have the emotional intelligence to learn?

Spine tingling... Lays bare the madness and savagery of the Great War. 
The Times
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